I am an Irish visual artist based in Denmark.

I am a  2020 graduate of Art from the Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dun Laoghaire (IADT). I specialised in 4D (Art Film).  
Focusing mainly on the moving body in relation to space, the idea of movement as a form of communicative language interests my practice. The line, words and movements I choreograph are reacting with each other.

I find the idea of space as something physical that the body has a dialogue with is particularly interesting. Different points in space are identified where my body reacts and responds in the combination of the physical and emotional response to the space I am in, psychologically, architecturally, and sensually. The body has a particular reaction to certain surroundings. The materiality of the surface the skin touches impacts the movement, the space has an impact, as it influences the mind and the body’s physical movements are in turn informed. 

Movement in my practice is a way of being, and reacts to the surroundings in a particular space through the transition of states of shapes. I work with an expanded drawing practice. Choreographed drawing is embodied by bodily movement. Something that motivates the use of line within my practice is the relationship the body has with the space which connects with the relationship the line can have on its surface. Making a line drawing of choreography is moreover  a score, a performative practice that can stay, whereas the embodied shape is held for a moment and its memory is left in the physical space, or its marking on soil.

The shapes my body embodies are a type of test for the limits of my body’s muscles. The movements transition with the embodiment of the series of shapes within a drawing. I play with the limit my muscles have and self train for the shapes they have to comply with to make the choreography as  a physical response.
Currently, I work with Copenhagen Contemporary dance school as a trainee film maker and dancer.